I thought I was going to be late…

Virgina Beach 11.00am Mon, March 11th 2019
I was wearing my clergy collar, driving a mile from my house on my way to a prayer appointment when I saw an older man crouched over a brick mail box, with a younger woman with her arm around his shoulder. He looked stressed.
I turned around and went back to see if he was OK. He was very winded.
His Daughter was in tears saying,
“I just prayed for help and you came by…”
I asked if they needed an ambulance?
She said they had gone for a walk… a bit too far, and that he was winded.
I asked where they lived and then gave them both a ride to his house.
We spoke about the priest in the story of the Good Samaritan, * who, you may remember, crossed over to the other side of the road…
I was convinced I was gong to be late for the appointment but got there five minutes early!
It was a good morning in the vineyard… with the fruits of the Spirit.
To God be the Glory.
Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

*Luke 10:25-37

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A Middle C Miracle Moment.

At the start of my homily at the healing service
this past Tuesday, the piano, out of the blue
played middle C.
We all (95 People) looked at the piano… in awe.
The pianist was ten pews away from the piano… we had a note
from the Lord. I confess I had goose bumps on goose bumps.
It was as if the Lord said, “Listen to me…”
It was a key note moment!
~Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

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The leaf blower… part two.

I just pulled out the washer and the dryer to clean the vent.
Now, this time it was good.
The battery leaf blower is excellent at cleaning the vent
As long as you point the thing outside!
You should have seen what came out… half a doz
Single socks… we are having a party here.
Reunions all over the place.
Not really.
Just a lot of that gray fluffy stuff…
DO NOT use a leaf blower to clean the coils on your fridge.
This is really NOT a good idea.
Dyson or a hair dryer!
DO USE a leaf blower to clean the dryer vent at least once a year!
The Nozzle fitted into the vent very well.
Gray matter all over the side yard.

Why is dryer lint always gray?
I don’t even have any gray clothes.

I drained the hot after heater too.
I didn’t need the leaf blower for that!

If I had brains I’d be dangerous!

Stay tuned for more adventures of
Fr. Nigel+

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NOTE TO SELF… I didn’t think it through.

Is it a good idea to bring a leaf blower in to the house?
In a word NO.
So, I started my spring cleaning check list…
First on the list, pull out the fridge and clean the cooling coils.
I wheeled the fridge out of its nesting place to find a huge
gathering of dog hair entangled amongst the coils.
I attacked it with the vacuum cleaner. It picked up
some of the offending dog hair but nowhere near all of it!
Ummm wha to do?
The vacuum did not pass the test.
Ah har…
Yes, you guessed I went outside and got the “Leaf Blower”
I thought, no worries, that will do the trick. It did…

I confess I did the “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” thing and
Did not think it through.
I knew it would remove the blockage but that’s as far as thought!
My bride was watching the TV.
I warned her of an impending very loud noise, but that was all.

I then put the battery leaf blower on full power.
The out come was very effective for the fridge.
It did the trick.
the explosion of dog hair and 5 years of dust on the other side of the
Fridge was so bad one could NOT see the other side of the room.
World war three had taken place in the kitchen.
We both ran out of the house looking like zombies.

NOTE TO SELF and fellow gentlemen…
If you are using out Door equipment, indoors, it is most likely a mistake!
There’s your clue…but you can expect fantastic results…

The motor house and coil of the fridge are like new…
The kitchen… looks like a bomb has gone off.

It took me ten minutes to clean the fridge.
And an hour and a half to clean the kitchen…

Five years from now I will use another plan…
Definitely PLAN B. At least I’ve got five years to think
What Plan B is….

All I have to say is

Needles to say… a redundant quote… My bride was not amused!

Laughing to myself in Virginia.

Feeling like a bit of a twit…

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Thank you.

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A reflexion by Fr. Nigel W. D. Mumford+

I have been a public speaker for the Lord for twenty-eight years. Nearly three decades! A month ago as I was preparing to travel 1,2000 miles
to speak about Jesus for twenty minutes. (That is very hard as I normally speak about him for at least 4 hours when going on healing missions.) I was, as usual getting myself worked up… the normal “Slight” anxiety about travel and speaking… for the first time in 28 years I got a download of peace from God. He reminded me that “I have gone before you! You don’t have to worry about anything.” I knew that Biblically but I did not live it. I have spent 28 years being anxious for nothing. I have to say, with a smile on my face, “Lord why did you not tell me this 28 years ago?” He Responded, “You didn’t ask!” Oh the joy of my boss… I love you Lord. Thanks For keeping me on my toes. You crack me up Jesus. May be one day I will get the hang of all of this… and then you fly under my radar… and zing me again… and I learn something new… what a true adventure this is with you. thank you God, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit. Thank you Holy Trinity… Amen.

2x Biblical foundations:
“The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”Deuteronomy 31:8

For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. Luke 11:10

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DATELINE: Saturday 17th November 2018

I was the first to board the 10am flight and got into my window seat.
A man sat in the aisle seat. We got talking. He was a judge, and a lay
Reader for the Methodist church. We had a great chat. Then a young
Man sat between us. He is a lawyer. I said, when we land we should walk
Into a bar… “A Judge, a lawyer and a Priest walk into a bar…” we laughed.

The young man said that was a good idea. Then I knew in the spirit
That he was an alcoholic. I point blank asked him how long he had been
Drinking. “Since 8am” he said. I said “NO….what age did you start drinking?”
He said, “Eight but seriously at eighteen years old” how old are you now. He told me.

He told me he was Jewish and asked me about Jesus. HE ASKED ME ABOUT JESUS! He said that he expected me to postalize at him. I told him I never do
That. (He’s on the hook) I asked him what he needs healing of. He told me. I told him some new testament stories and then some healing stores from
My history. (Now he’s really on the line!) Reverse psychology works so well!
Finally towards the end of the journey I told him about salvation and the love of Jesus and of the love of God the father. That was the key. He REALLY wanted to know God the Father. He really needed the Father’s love.

I asked the judge, who was reading his book, to help me pray for this man.
He lit up up in joy.
This Jewish lawyer was now in tears as we laid hands on him and prayed for
His healing and salvation. I told him to find Bill W. Code for joining A.A.

The plane landed… we all exchanged business cards… and the still drunk
Jewish now believer hugged me with lots of gratitude. I will follow up next week and call him early before he starts drinking for the day!

Please pray for this man. I’m not going to give his name or where he lives
For obvious reasons…

This was a “flight” to remember.
I love my boss… you never know what he is going to do.
I could not possibly make this stuff up…
Jesus ambushed this man in need of healing.
A judge, a lawyer and a priest walk off a plane…
Fr. Nigel. W..D. Mumford+

PS. A woman sitting in front of us was wearing a American legion jacket.
I saw her in the elevator on my way to the next flight. I asked her if she had
Heard our conversation. “I was hanging on every word” she said.
“ I was praying like crazy.” She was so happy. She said, “God put the three of you together…” I said, “God put the four of us together.” She smiled, agreed, and I went to my next gate. Feeling good!

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BURRIED ALIVE and dug up…

DATELINE: 7pm Saturday 11/17/18
WARNING: Not for the faint hearted!

I was at a gathering in someone’s house.
I met a man and spoke with him briefly.
At one point he put his hand on the kitchen counter.
I looked at his hand and saw a finger missing.
I looked again and his hand was complete… all fingers present!

I heard myself say, “Do you have any relatives who lost a finger.”
The words just came out of my mouth. I was really surprised and
Said to myself, “oh boy, you just can’t unring a bell!”

He said no… and stood back for a while. He, like me was totally surprised.
There was a long pause. He looked around… I just stood there…
He then said a story that he had not spoken about for 50 years.
He told me that when he was seven his dad told him about his great

She died and was buried.
Grave robbers dug up her grave and, to get the ring on her finger
He then said,
They kicked her dead body in the chest as they left…
The kick rebooted her heart.
She came back to life!!!!!!!!!!

She lived many years after that.
If she had not been dug up this man I was talking to
Would not be alive now. As she gave birth to his Grandfather

You just can’t make this stuff up you know.

He then told me what a word of encouragement this was as he was
Going through a very tough time…
He saw this as a reason to live… God has his eye on him.
We prayed and he was giving everyone high fives!

I tell you, you could have grated cheese on my arm the goose bumps were so high!
I am so humbled by what God does…

In His Awe
Fr. Nigel W.D. Mumford+

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