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Boot camp to sandal camp!

Boot camp to sandal camp! As a former drill instructor at the Royal Marine commando training school I met some interesting characters. Some cut out to be Commandos some not! It was my job to “break and remake”to “cull and … Continue reading

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The Stray Bat…

THE BATMOBILE. ~Nigel Mumford+ Last year I was driving home from work with my car windows open. Suddenly, out of the corner of my right eye I saw a black object land on the head rest of the passenger seat. … Continue reading

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The healing of PTSD

After the Trauma, the Battle Begins. Post Trauma Healing. A book for the healing of memories and issues of trauma that plaque and haunt many.

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Wasps and bees…

Wasps and bees… This summer, if a wasp, hornet, yellow jacket or bee bothers you, point your finger and command it to go in the direction you are pointing. The bible says “have dominion over every living thing.” Just quietly … Continue reading

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Elevator evangelism…

So, I am in Washington DC invited to an upmarket hotel.  I am wearing my clergy collar.  I am in an elevator that is full.   Everyone is looking at the floor numbers over the door.   No eye contact. … Continue reading

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twitter and announcment of new web site

Please join me on twitter @frnigelmumford Coming soon: new web site at the site is still under construction but i will let you know when the grand opening is… free internet coffee through your ISB port… 🙂

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Testimonies from an OSL conference.

From Cindy – I REALLY enjoyed this healing conference with Father Nigel, and truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have never heard anyone speak in tongues before….wow! This experience is one I will never forget! (Fr. Nigel … Continue reading

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