“Market Place Ministry”

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“Market Place Ministry”

I was on my way to my “new” office this morning. The church of the coffee shop of the Village Café, here in Greenwich, NY where on occasion I meet people to pray for them: “Market Place Ministry!” For the past ten years I have mostly turned left to go to work via the center of the village. This morning I was really drawn to turn right!
A little way down the hill was a woman in jogging gear, carrying a very large black and white dog. She looked stressed and worried. I stopped and lowered my window and asked her, “Are you OK?” She told me there was something wrong with her dog, so I offered her a ride home. I asked her if we needed to go to the vet right away. She said she had an appointment later. So I drove her home. She told me the dog was nine years old. She then told me she gave a ride to someone last week and wondered if anyone would stop if she ever needed help in the future!
Her house was half a mile away, a long haul with a large dog in your arms. I pulled up at her house and asked her if she was a Christian. She said yes. I said may I lay my hands on your dog, she said, “Absolutely” I did. The dog looked me right in the eyes and held my gaze with such a sad and forlorn look. I prayed…

If I hear more I will let you know…

Luke 10:25


About Fr. Nigel

Fr. Mumford is a husband, priest, author (four books) and public speaker with a focus on the healing ministry of Jesus. He is a former Royal Marine Commando Drill Instructor. He was called to this ministry in 1990 and was ordained 2005. He is the president of By His Wounds Inc. A not for profit ministry helping war zone veterans heal with The Welcome Home Initiative. For more info please go to www.byhiswoundsministry.org
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3 Responses to “Market Place Ministry”

  1. Lois McGee says:

    …so good to see the return of Mumford’s Musings! I will continue to pray for this family. Many blessings.

  2. Barbara Holmes says:

    Nigel, it’s amazing how the Lord works through you….. all because you are willing and say yes to Him.

  3. It was through the laying on of hands on my dog, who could not walk, that I discovered the healing ministry. She had gotten into a deceased raccoon in the country and was paralyzed. BUT I believed Jesus would heal her, even though I knew NOTHING about the healing ministry at the time. Yes, the Lord healed her, just because I asked with all my heart, believing He would do it. Pretty simple, pretty powerful, DOGGONE brilliant, God is. That was 30 years ago, and I am still praying for folks, especially those with leg problems. And God is still doing the healing, and still getting the glory!
    Sr. V.G.

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