A Proactive, Interactive Prayer for Healing for Your Friends.

Here follows a prayer which you might personalize for a friend in need of healing.
Please use it, filling in the blanks.
Forward this to those in need and then take on to believe for them.
Dear ________ ,
I pray not only for your physical endurance, but also for the emotional toil that you might be
suffering right now.
I pray that Hope abounds again, and some Good News from God will fill your soul.
Jesus, please come alongside ________ in his/her suffering.
God, please present the very Balm of Gilead to sooth the issue and bring all the cells of this concern
into the perfection of The Lord.
Thank You, Jesus, for healing my dear friend/sister/brother, ________.
Thank You, God, for Your healing presence in their lives.
Please, Jesus, put an end to this suffering, take away the pain and the root cause of the pain, and
present Your wonderful healing presence.
Jesus, please heal and cure ________.
We earnestly pray for the supernatural healing presence of Christ upon your very being.
Come on, God, You do it again!
Thank You, God. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Holy Spirit. Thank You, Holy Trinity.
We pray that angels, archangels and the whole Company of Heaven will fill your house, ________ ,
and put away ALL dis-ease, in Jesus’ most Holy Name. AMEN.
God bless you, ________ .
Fr. Nigel Mumford+

About Fr. Nigel

Fr. Mumford is a husband, priest, author (four books) and public speaker with a focus on the healing ministry of Jesus. He is a former Royal Marine Commando Drill Instructor. He was called to this ministry in 1990 and was ordained 2005. He is the president of By His Wounds Inc. A not for profit ministry helping war zone veterans heal with The Welcome Home Initiative. For more info please go to www.byhiswoundsministry.org
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3 Responses to A Proactive, Interactive Prayer for Healing for Your Friends.

  1. Maggy Gilbert says:

    I love them and will use them. Thank you. Maggy


  2. I used this prayer this morning for a lady suffering pain in her left leg. She responded with feeling a great sense of inner peace as if Jesus had lifted a great burden of unforgiveness from her. She is now much improved, able to stand and walk without pain! Thank you, Lord!

  3. Beverly says:

    New posts look very good . . . happy to post comments on the two sent out today! This typeface looks very good. Nice job, Fr. Nigel. BSW Also, a period is not necessary at end of a title , i.e. after/Friends/ (in blue type). Everything looks very snifty! Congratulations !!!

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