The Demoniac.

Soul Bytes by
Fr. Nigel Mumford
“Jesus said, ‘Go ahead, but [and] get out of here!’ Crazed, the pigs stampeded over a cliff into the sea and drowned. Scared to death, the swineherds bolted. They told everyone back in town what had happened to the madman and the pigs. Those who heard about it were angry about the drowned pigs. A mob formed and demanded that Jesus get out and not come back.”
 Matthew 8:32-34
Dateline circa 32AD
Today is bad.
Very, very, very bad.
Every day is bad for me.
Days into weeks, months onto years,
Everything is bad for me.
I’ve lost my mind you see…
I scream. I shout. I rant. I rage.
They chain me up when I get wild.
What’s wrong with me?
Who am I?
Where am I?
I cut my body with sharp stones.
I cannot stop.
I don’t know why I cannot stop.
I bleed—- I bleed—–I bleed.
Voices come and scream at me.
I say, “NO! You are too loud!”
But still they scream; they scream at me.
Then somehow a stirring comes . . .
It is not bad; it is good.
This One called Jesus comes by me.
Somehow, He knows just where I am.
He can see me—– me alone,
right where I am.
I see His eyes . . .
I hear His voice . . .
He is enraged, but not at me.
He commands the bad to leave.
And It leaves.
It leaves with the pigs that go running downhill,
galloping, trampling, thundering blindly——
over the cliff, into the sea, the very deep sea.
They disappear, but I am left standing,
standing with Jesus, seeing them gone.
All of them gone. . .
all gone from me!
Peace, at last!
I am set free!
I have my mind back!
My very own mind!
What joy comes to me!
Back in the town, men are upset.
“Not in my backyard!” they shout.
My joy they cannot accept.
Thank You, Jesus, for setting me free!
Free to be the man You made me to be!
Healed! Cured! Happy for the first time in years!
What an awesome God! Awesome God!
I didn’t leave with Jesus.
I stayed.
Now I am mayor of my village.
People are still talking about it today.
So be it. Amen.
Fr. Nigel W.D.Mumford+
© Copyright:  Nigel W.D. Mumford 2014 All rights reserved.

About Fr. Nigel

Fr. Mumford is a husband, priest, author (four books) and public speaker with a focus on the healing ministry of Jesus. He is a former Royal Marine Commando Drill Instructor. He was called to this ministry in 1990 and was ordained 2005. He is the president of By His Wounds Inc. A not for profit ministry helping war zone veterans heal with The Welcome Home Initiative. For more info please go to
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  1. ugogurl212 says:

    Very well written. The message is loud and clear. Beautifully written.

  2. Grace Ann Wilson says:

    I think this is wonderful!

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