DESENSITIZED, A Reflection for Veterans.

A Reflection for Combat Veterans

I have just read an email from a combat vet who has just read, “After the Trauma, the Battle Begins: Post Trauma Healing.”
His PTSD trigger is the sound of a helicopter, which would signify danger, the signs of trauma, a life threat in a fire-fight, plus casualties.
These noises would catapult him back forty years. . .noises that would shut him down!  He lives near a helicopter port!
Now, he has managed to place Jesus between the helicopter, the threat, and himself.
He has been desensitized, set free by Christ!
Thank You, Jesus.

Personally, I have a neighbor who has all sorts of weapons: single-shot, rapid-fire, automatic, and Black-powder.
Every time he would spend a morning or afternoon firing, I would be triggered.
My mind catapulted to combat memories. . . most unpleasant thoughts.
Now, with Jesus standing between me, the noise, and my unseen neighbor, I am completely at peace.
A gift from God!
I have been desensitized!
Thank You, Jesus.

Let’s not limit God, even after all these years.
Two veterans set free!
Has the Lord set you free yet?

Soul Stirrings. . .
Fr. Nigel Mumford+


1 Response to DESENSITIZED, A Reflection for Veterans.

  1. Rev. Robert A. Kem says:

    I attended your healing conference in Omaha at the Episcopal Church in April of 2014? Your book on your study on PTSD ha been coming forward and now to the Dean of the Cathedral in Des Monies, Iowa. He is most interested in healing ministry as a result of this book and study. Thank you and thank God bless you and your ministry.
    I will be ordering copies via internet. Your brother in Christ. Rev. Bob Kem St.Anne’s Episcopal Church in Ankeny, IA. (Now retired and doing more for OSL)

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