These are links to some of the individuals, ministries and organizations which we support and for whom we are thankful.  We hope they are useful to you as well.  –  Fr. Nigel’s own website, with more information and Bookshop;  all of Fr. Nigel’s books and CDs are available with payment through PayPal

The International Order of St Luke the Physician  –  an ecumenical organization dedicated to the Christian healing ministry

Christian Healing Ministries  –  Francis and Judith MacNutt, in Jacksonville, Florida

Philo Trust  –  the online home of J.John and his ministry

Wholeness Ministries  –  in Bakersfield, CA, dedicated to helping to train and equip followers of Jesus Christ to pursue the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-19 by actually doing the things that Jesus did  –  an online Bible resource  –  a searchable online Bible resource with daily devotionals  –  an extensive online resource for study of the Bible





1 Response to Links

  1. Sid Eavis says:

    I would like to add my link to your site. I have a website that offers Canon Glennon’s books and teaching material. I have just published Canon Glennon’s third book (posthumously) as his executor, ministry associate, Christian brother and close friend. Sid Eavis

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