Welcome Home Initiative

In 2008, Fr. Mumford introduced a special program at the Healing Ministry, “The Welcome Home Initiative”, dedicated to providing military veterans with ministry and other resources for their spiritual health and healing.  The WHI ministry is led by Fr. Mumford and two other retired military men, Bishop David Bena and Lt. Col. Noel Dawes.  The ministry offers a focused, intensive three-day retreat program for Armed Forces veterans who have served in combat, and their families, who may be suffering from some degree of post-traumatic stress related to their service in the Armed Forces.

Retreats are offered three times a year.  The program is offered at no cost and is designed to bring spiritual and emotional healing to each participant so that they know they are “welcomed home” in every sense.

As of June, 2012, this important ministry has served hundreds of veterans and their families.  It also has blessed the ministry staff immeasurably with evidence of the Lord’s gracious love and healing for everyone who has participated.

The Welcome Home Initiative is now being introduced at additional locations, including Dayton, Ohio and Washington, D.C.  Fr. Mumford has been honored to share his experience with the ministry with U.S. Army Chaplains and with senior military staff at the Pentagon.  Fr. Mumford also has been privileged to introduce the program to senior staff of the British Army interested in learning about the program.

It is our prayer and expectation that the Lord will continue to grow this important ministry over the next few years.

For more information about WHI, please email WelcomeHomeInitiative@gmail.com

WHI:   “Bringing Christ’s Healing Grace into the physical and emotional pain of trauma.”





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